Often referred to as a ‘Rolling road’ or ‘Dyno’ this testing equipment allows us to simulate road conditions while testing a vehicle. We can accurately measure the power of the vehicle and perform health checks on the engine.

When tuning a vehicle, we can use the dyno to measure power and torque output both before and after tuning, taking out the guess work and time and road tests

Receive certificate and proof of remap results

Receive certificate and proof of remap results

4wd braked DYNAMometer

4wd braked DYNAMometer

  • Safe testing facility

  • Measured power at wheels

  • Calculated engine power

  • Dissipated power (power lost from engine to wheels)

  • Acceleration and top speed tests

  • Ability to fine tune map to get the best end result from tuning

  • Provide graph to customers proving the performance before and after tuning